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Protect Your Site - Make it safer & save money 

Theft and vandalism cost the UK construction industry over £1million per day


Construction sites are a focus of arson attacks and metal thefts as they’re perceived by criminals as being ‘soft targets’


A 2013 report by Zurich insurance found that construction sites "with their expensive machinery, valuable materials and often-temporary security arrangements... are prime targets for opportunistic criminals."


That £1 million per day, which doesn't include arson, comes out of your profits, and affects your site safety. 


Holland Systems Site Alert is the answer.


Proven wireless technology with monitoring is carried out by central station.


Every incident is viewed by trained operators who will alert the police, preventing false alarms from cats or the wind.


Did you know that 3 false alarms in 12 months will lead to the police not responding. Holland Systems boast an enviable record in this regard.


One major housebuilder alone saved thousands on static guards with one previously troubed site seeing 6 arrests in 3 weeks

“Prevention is far better than cure,” says Pam Allardice, Director of Construction at law firm Howes Percival. “Vandalism and arson on a site will usually cause some delay and disruption to the progress of the works as well as taking up a lot of management time and additional cost. Damage to the works should be covered by insurance although often the value can be below the level of the claim excess.


“Also, many insurers impose specific requirements for site security. These can be buried in the small print, but if not complied with will mean that the loss or damage is not covered. Site agents need to be made aware of these requirements and given the resources to comply with them.”

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